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Cover art for Serpent's Mound by Ceri NormanHello and welcome to my website. Cover art for Celtic Maidens by Ceri Norman

Here you can find out more about Ceri and her work. Ceri's first novel, Celtic Maidens, was released to a warm public and critical reception in 2010 and her second novel, Serpent's Mound, followed in 2012. Her first non-fiction book, Faerie Forest, on the faeries and folklore associated with certain trees, was published in 2013, followed by The Brighid Oracle, which is an oracle based around the legends, lore and landscapes linked with the Celtic Goddess and Christian Saint, Brighid. On these pages you can discover more about Ceri's love of, and fascination with, history, mystery and mythology.

Discover the places which have inspired Celtic Maidens and Serpent's Mound. Read a little about the myths and legends that surround those mysterious and magical places.

Cover art for The Brighid Oracle by Ceri Norman

Cover art for The Avalon Oracle by Ceri Norman

I'm very supportive of local libraries, bookshops and moots. I am happy to do events, signings, talks, moots, festivals etc. Use the contact form to get in touch.

People often ask me what inspires me to write both fiction and non-fiction. With fiction, people often ask me: "Is it the people, the places or the plots?" In truth it is probably a little of all three, but the factor I notice most is that I am inspired by the power and presence of the places in which my stories are set. In some ways they are almost their own character... When it comes to my non-fiction work, then it is the subject that inspires me. Britain and Scandinavia have very rich and enchanting mythologies, filled with larger than life characters and ancient wisdom. We are also blessed to have so many amazing ancient monuments steeped in myth and magic. I simply love writing about them, and allowing their history and mystery to flow through me and out to you, the reader.

Cover art for Blood Red Roses by Ceri Norman

Cover art for Faerie Forest by Ceri Norman

The paper copies of Celtic Maidens and Serpent's Mound are printed on FSC mixed sources paper and in a format which minimises the use of paper to minimise impact on the environment. Both are also available as eBooks, which removes the need for paper. My non-fiction books have been released only in eBook format.






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