Art Enriches Life

We can buy art and accessories for our homes from chain stores selling the same products throughout the nation and world. We can also embrace our individuality. At the same time, we can uplift the unique work of artists.

modern sculptures

From paintings to modern sculptures, art lives, and artists need our patronage for their art to continue living.

From the time of the Renaissance, artists like Da Vinci and Michelangelo found wealthy patrons who supported them and their work. Today, we can all be patrons of artists by purchasing a gorgeous homemade piece, instead of going to a store and buying something made on a mass production line in a factory.

Where would we be without the work of the great artists? Our lives would be far poorer. Our cultural life would be impoverished.

Where will art be generations from now if we don’t support the artists today?

Many artists reflect their communities and their culture through their art. Buying art from an artist from a different country brings something beautiful of our global community into your home. Supporting an artist from your own hometown or state celebrates your own home, your own unique cultural footprint and heartbeat.

One cannot buy art directly from an artist as cheaply as one can buy pieces from chain stores. We cannot deny that truth. Art is an investment-in the art, in the artist, and perhaps, in ourselves, in our culture. Should an artist become nationally and internationally renowned, those who have their work will have something art dealers and the general public can envy. When that time comes, the owner of the art can decide what best to do: continue holding on and cherishing the art, or get a financial return on their investment.

Art needs us to stay alive.

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