Doing Squats Right

Many people are now realizing just how many health benefits come with doing squats on a daily basis.  Unfortunately, some struggle to do squats correctly, which can lead to some serious issues.  While you want to be able to get the full benefits of performing squats, you also want to make sure that you are doing them properly in order to avoid any injuries while also reaping the full rewards.

Here is a quick explanation of how to do squats correctly.

Start in the right position

The proper squat technique requires that you start in the right position.  Make sure that your feet are about shoulder width apart.  Stand up straight and keep your knees and toes pointed directly in front of you.  When you begin your squats, your shoulders should always be back and your chest should always be up.


From the starting position, perform a sitting motion, reaching your hips back and bending both your ankles and your knees.  It is important that you do not begin the motion by bending your knees, but allow them to bend naturally as you sit back with your hips.

Make sure that your weight stays evenly distributed on your heels and never lift your toes.  Try not to bend too far forward with your waist, and never allow your knees to move outward or inward.


Push your heels down and squeeze your buttocks.  Always make sure that your shoulders remain back and your chest remains up.  Do your best to never rotate your shoulders or your hips.  Make sure that your lower body and upper body ascend at the same rate.  Once you have returned to the beginning position, the squat has been performed.

squat technique

By following these instructions, you should be able to perform the perfect squat every time.