Cinderella is a beautiful girl. She has two ugly stepsisters

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Cinderellaisabeautifulgirl.Shehastwouglystepsisters.TheyarenotkindtoCinderella.Cinderelladoesa ...

Cinderella is a beautiful girl. She has two ugly stepsisters. They are not kind to Cinderella. Cinderella does all of the work at home. She must cook, clean and do everything.

One day, a letter comes to the house. It is a letter from the prince. He will have a big party. He would like the three girls to come. The prince wants to find a wife.

Cinderella can't go to the party because she doesn't have beautiful clothes. The day of the party arrives. Cinderella met a fairy godmother. She gives Cinderella a coach, two horses and a beautiful dress. But magic will stop working at 12 o’clock.

The prince's palace is full of people. They are all happy to be at the big party. All the girls want to marry the prince. Then Cinderella walks into the palace. "Who is she?" everyone asks. "She's so beautiful," they say.

The prince sees Cinderella. He asks her to dance with him. All night long they dance and talk. The prince and Cinderella fall in love. At twelve o'clock, Cinderella runs out.

Cinderella runs and loses one of her glass shoes. She must get home before twelve. She is late. She runs into the house. Now, she is wearing her old dress again.

The prince finds Cinderella's shoe. "I know this shoe. It is that beautiful girl’s. I'll find her," he says. The next morning, he goes from house to house to find her. He goes to Cinderella's house. The two ugly stepsisters try on the shoe, but their feet are too big.

"Can I try it on?" asks Cinderella. "Yes," the prince says, so Cinderella tries the shoe on. It fits her foot. "I have found my princess," the prince says. Soon Cinderella and the prince get married. They live happily ever after.

1.Who does all of the work at Cinderella’s house?

A. Cinderella. B. Her stepmother. C. Her sisters. D. Her father.

2.Why does the prince want to have a party?

A. He wants to meet new friends.

B. He wants to have a good time.

C. He wants to find a wife.

D. He wants to celebrate his birthday.

3.Why can’t Cinderella go to the party?

A. She doesn’t have time.

B. She has no beautiful clothes.

C. She doesn’t want to go to the party.

D. Her stepmother doesn’t let her go.

4.What does the underlined word “magic” mean in Chinese?

A. 衣服 B. 水晶鞋 C. 马车 D. 魔力

5.Which is the right order about the shoes?

a. Cinderella loses one of her shoes.

b. The two sisters try on the shoe.

c. The fair godmother makes a pair of shoes.

d. The shoe fits Cinderella’s foot.

e. The prince finds a glass shoe.

A. c-a-e-b-d B. c-b-e-a-d C. a-e-b-d-c D. a-d-c-e-b

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