Temporary Or Permanent Structures Giving You More Versatility And Stability

clearspan structures

These structures were originally designed and manufactured intentionally as temporary structures. But as it turns out in this day and age of increased awareness to be as sustainable as possible, these clearspan structures are also more than functional as permanent property fixtures. That being said, whether they are going to be utilized on a temporary basis or permanently, they are proving to be rather versatile and durable. They are, in essence, tents rather than your typical bricks and mortar, always subjected to usual wear and tear by the elements and man-made movements.

Design of these structures has led to a fresh and spacious aura. But the space is physical too. Interior space use is maximized by eliminating the need to utilize centralized and sideline poles, pegs and supports as would usually be the case with conventional tent structures. Also, a controlled climate environment is possible. Materials utilized are innovative in its ability to keep all occupants warm during cold months and cool during warmer, spring and summer months. These innovative tents can also be put up under the most extreme of weather conditions.

The native Inuit of the northernmost and coldest parts of the continent would be so impressed. These tents have snow loading capabilities and can withstand wind speeds ranging from 70 miles per hour to as much as eighty miles per hour. And because these structures do not require ready to use foundations, they can be erected over all surfaces; on grass, concrete or asphalt. Tents are always ready for portable use and if the user only requires it for a temporary event, it fits the bill for all manner of occasions, from corporate conferences to a wedding reception on the grandest scale. And while in use, they require little to no maintenance.